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The ideology of the future in design fictions

Artigo publicado na revista Digital Creativity.


The production of fictions within the design field are not disinterested speculations about distant futures, but intentional political actions in the present time. Fictions can entertain as much as cause social friction. This article discusses three sources of design fictions: a global information technology company; an art school in the UK; and a design institute in Brazil. By contrasting the three cases in light of the philosophical work of Álvaro Vieira Pinto, this article deconstructs the ideology of the future—futurology—and proposes acting in the present—handiness—to sketch an ideology of liberation. Instead of supporting the status quo, such ideology could inspire collective action for change. The practices from the three aforementioned sources are discussed to lay the foundations for such ideology of liberation in design fictions.

The ideology of the future in design fictions - Versão de revisão - [PDF] 13 páginas

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Gonzatto, R.F; Amstel, F.M.C.van; Merkle, L.E; Hartmann, T. 2013. The ideology of the future in design fictions. Digital Creativity.


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